Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life Saver! Eye Primer for Oily Eyelids

To people who have oily skins, foundation melting is one thing, but don't forget your eye makeup. Even though the eyeliner claimed to have super strong staying power, I am sorry they aren't just working on me. Staying away from eyeliner pencil and gel eyeliner, because they just melt 24/7 in summer and winter! Trust me!

It's not easy to find eye primer in Hong Kong. But I know I need it, there are mainly two major competitors in the market: Urban Decay and Two Faced. I have been using both products. I have to say Urban Decay has better performance to prime my eye lids. On the other hand, Two Faced has a more moisture texture, while Urban decay is a bit dried. For those who doesn't have super oily eyelids, Two Faced could be a good choice to simply prevent any cakey accident.

For those have extremely oily eyelids, Urban Decay is right for you, especially the hot and humid weather in Asia. I just couldn't live without it. my eyelids also produce oil in winter, so I tend to use Two Faced during winter, gives a little break for my Urban Decay. My Urban Decay is from its old design, which is no longer continued. The new design is a tube design like the Two Faced, easier to apply and no more wasted primer left inside the tube.

My first Urban Decay and Two Faced Eye Primer were both bought in the States. Luckily we can now get both Urban Decay and Two Faced makeup products from a online shop LookFantastic, which ships internationally. LookFantasitc is having sale right now. Go check it out!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Nail Polish Collection

Nail polish is such an addiction to me. I have been loving nail polish especially in fall, it feels so right and comfortable to put on my mail polish and wear a warm sweater.

Essie Sew Psyched
I know the name may sound a bit awkward, the deep green colour isn't everyone favourite, but it's mine. I tend to like cold green pastel colour.

Essie After School Boy Blazer
This nail polish just came out with the Winter Collection from Essie lately, has earned lots of ravings. It's a dark blue nearly black colour. I would say the colour is a great navy nail polish if you don't have one and want a new ones keeping into your pocket.

Essie Bahama MaMa
This berry nail polish has been a super star since it launched. I couldn't resist to keep this lovely burgundy nail polish hide into my collection. However I would say this plum nail polish is watery, need to be very careful while  I was applying it. The polish itself is quite watery compared to other Essie nail polishes. Sometimes I find that I need three coats for a good finish look.

Essie Merino Cool
My very first grey nail polish, gives a subtle coat is so nice to match with my dark colour autumn wardrobe.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
It's a quite popular colour among nail polish world. The blacked purple colour gives out a misery look to add a bite of vampire feel.

All nail polishes are available in drugstores of the States and UK. Cher2 nail polish shop in Hong kong.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Juicy Couture Perfune

This has always been the signature fragrance of Juicy Couture Original. The classy fragrance is the sweety floral smell from its retail store. It has been diggling in my mind for years, but still the price makes me hesitated to get my hands of it. Luckily I got my eyes on a local chain store named Bonjour, which is on sale at HKD $590 for 100 ml. This is so tempting and delicious.  the price suddenly become a lower priority to let me get to it. I admitted my Mom did somehow encouraged me to get since i wanted it so badly in last winter.

The front note is watermelon, passion fruit, marigold, apple and water hyacinth. This is a perfume for those who really into fruity scent, could be a very sweet note., but for any sweety scent craver, this is your scent. The lasting power is amazing, which stays for an entire day until I got home  at night.

Juicy Couture Original is available in worldwide retail stores and online shop. Bonjour also carries international shipping, usually has some discount on all skincare and makeup products.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sofina Primavista Ange Liquid Foundation

I have been a fan of Sofina makeup base for months, it did an excellent job to prevent melting my foundation, however it may be a little pricy. Lately, I discovered Sofina has launched a drugstore line named Sofina Ange, a similar makeup line like Primavista Long Keep Base UV, which is available in a series of drugstore in Taiwan.

This is my first time to get my hand on Sofina foundation, it has a few shades to choose from, the shade is tend to for lighter skin, the darkest shade fits me well. The foundation gives light to medium coverage. The texture isn't so thicky, gives a matte finish which I love. One good pump of foundation would be good for my face.

 I put on my original Sofina Primavista makeup base with this foundation. I found its staying power is amazing. My makeup didn't melt a bit, and no shine at all. I can't believe its oil control power is so stunning. I have never tried any foundation has this strong power to control my oil. I must give this product thumbs up.

 The original makeup base costs me over HKD$200, but now I found a substitute with a much cheaper price HKD$80. This line unfortunately is available to Taiwan only. The product can also be found in some online stores, but I highly recommend to get your hands on this line when go travel in Taiwan.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Say Goodbye to Blackheads!

I have been a fan of Origins skincare product for years, especially for deep cleansing products. I picked Origins mask Clear Improvement as my first baby step toward Origins. I usually apply the mask on my nose and sometimes my chin after shower, hot steam help opening the pores and let the mask do its job.Leave it for a good 10 minutes till dried out (depends on the weather and humidity, tend to dries faster in winter). The mask may be quite strong and dry for those who have dry skin, but for oily skin, I can give a good thumb up for this product.

It did clean out some blackhead if I use it once a week. But if I want some good clean days, I will use the mask once a day for three days, then  I go back to my normal routine once a week.  This way cleans out most of my blackheads, but have to be very be careful for break out and irritation. It may be a bit pricey, but the tube lasts for quite a long time, so I'd say this mask worth the price. 

It's available in any Origins counter for  £22/ USA$24 (100ml).

Friday, October 11, 2013

Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Hightlighter

I have been looking out for some highlighter for my under eye. When I came across of this product, I thought I could cover my panda eyes. It covers my normal panda eyes, but not some heavy days. But i am thrilled by how it covered my acne scar and pimples. It gives light coverage, may not suitable for super heavy dark eye circles, but definitely for some pimples. still,  I am out to search some good concealers, hope I would find some good ones soon. Some say this is a dupe of YSL ones, which is also one of favourite highlighters. This is really a awesome bargain for such a good quality highlighter.

Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Hightlighter- Nude, £6.99 from Boots

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

NARS Laguna has always been my go-to bronzer, however it's quite a splurge to me. So I have also been eyeing for some drugstore bronzer alternatives. This Rimmel Natural Bronzer - Sun Bronze is the medium dark shade from the collection. It doesn't have shimmer like Laguna. I can't say it's an ultimate alternative of Laguna, but it works very well on bronzing my cheek bone. It's not very dark, giving a more natural sun tanned look. Bronzer can be tricky if I choose the wrong shade, so I have been going online to check on the actual shade of the product. I prefer to use this one in the day time since I am not so tanned in this summer. Save my Laguna for night time out or some occasions.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze, £5.59 from Boots. ASOS also arrives it for free worldwide shipping