Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Nail Polish Collection

Nail polish is such an addiction to me. I have been loving nail polish especially in fall, it feels so right and comfortable to put on my mail polish and wear a warm sweater.

Essie Sew Psyched
I know the name may sound a bit awkward, the deep green colour isn't everyone favourite, but it's mine. I tend to like cold green pastel colour.

Essie After School Boy Blazer
This nail polish just came out with the Winter Collection from Essie lately, has earned lots of ravings. It's a dark blue nearly black colour. I would say the colour is a great navy nail polish if you don't have one and want a new ones keeping into your pocket.

Essie Bahama MaMa
This berry nail polish has been a super star since it launched. I couldn't resist to keep this lovely burgundy nail polish hide into my collection. However I would say this plum nail polish is watery, need to be very careful while  I was applying it. The polish itself is quite watery compared to other Essie nail polishes. Sometimes I find that I need three coats for a good finish look.

Essie Merino Cool
My very first grey nail polish, gives a subtle coat is so nice to match with my dark colour autumn wardrobe.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
It's a quite popular colour among nail polish world. The blacked purple colour gives out a misery look to add a bite of vampire feel.

All nail polishes are available in drugstores of the States and UK. Cher2 nail polish shop in Hong kong.


  1. Wonderful colors...I like your blog.^^
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    1. Just followed you on bloglovin. Your blog looks great! :)